Our kids. Our commitment.

Our kids. Our commitment. Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative is a citizen-led effort to transform the way Allegheny County funds programs that are proven to ensure the wellbeing of children across the county.

Three specific areas proven to yield strong benefits for children and the community at large include: early childhood education, after school programs and good nutrition.

Kids who attend pre-k are more likely to succeed in school and life, while saving families, schools and tax payers money. After school programs increase school attendance, reduce drug use, and help fuel children’s passions while keeping kids and neighborhoods safe. Hunger affects learning, growth, and development. One out of every six children in Allegheny County faces hunger.

In mid-August, the Our kids. Our commitment. initiative learned that the Allegheny County Children’s Fund will appear on the Nov. 6, 2018 General Election ballot after submitting nearly 64,000 signatures.

Thanks to everyone who signed, showed their support, and participated in this conversation for Allegheny County kids.

But the hard work starts now. With less than one month to reach voters and continue this discussion about the impact that early learning, after school and nutrition have on our kids and the future of Allegheny County, we are calling on residents across the county to help.

Here’s how you can raise your hand:

• Volunteer as door knocker/canvasser.
• Become an Our kids. Our commitment. ambassador
• Host an event.
• Spread the word.
• Display a sign.

For more information about the initiative, visit www.ourkidsourcommitment.org.


Our kids. Our commitment. image of toddlers using tools that says, "We believe it's time to get to work."