March 13, 2018

Apply to the Board Watch Academy

Be a part A+ Schools’ Board Watch Academy, and learn what it takes to observe and evaluate the School Board. 

The Board Watch Academy is a volunteer program designed for Pittsburgh and Wilkinsburg residents to get a better understanding of the work of the Pittsburgh School Directors.

Applicants should show a strong interest in:

  • Learning more about the school board;
  • Understanding how to use data to monitor district strategies;
  • Learning how governance impacts educational equity and school quality;
  • Understanding how voters hold school board members accountable.

The commitment level includes monthly training at the A+ office and attendance at School Board meetings. Participants will evaluate the Board based on several metrics that evaluate how the board prioritizes equity in its decisions to include transparency and good governance practices.

Trainings will include:

  • School Board 101
  • Measuring Academic Progress
  • District and State Budgets
  • Equity Strategies
  • Equity and the CBA
  • How to Run for School Board

This cohort will run from July 2018 – December 2018.

Interested applicants should apply via email with an introductory note to Graham Mulqueen at