Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Dr. Todd Wolynn
CEO, KidsPlus Pediatrics

“I joined Trying Together’s Board because our organization supports the critical work of child care and early childhood education from infancy to age nine. This work literally has the ability to change the trajectory of a child’s life, today and into and including adulthood. We’re evidence-based. Our expertise is recognized and sought locally, regionally, and nationally. Trying Together positively impacts children, families, and communities by supporting early childhood professionals and educators. Our work represents an investment in society now and for the future. I’m deeply proud to be a Board member and Board President.”

Ms. LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill
Vice President

“I joined the Board because I care about children in this region. I am now a mother of two young children, and I know the work of embedding the value of early childhood is critical to the economic development of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and to keeping families here. I am so happy that I get to serve alongside others that value the trajectories of our babies, and those that care for them.”

Ms. Julie Paden
Vice President, PNC Bank & Program Manager, PNC Grow Up Great

“My role with PNC Grow Up Great, where the primary focus is to prepare children from birth to age give for success in school and life, aligns so well with the Trying Together mission. Further, I have such respect for what Trying Together has already accomplished and for their ongoing commitment to our region’s most valuable resource – the children of our future.”

Mr. Dan Waltman
Director, Wealth Management Tax Services, PwC

“I joined Trying Together’s Board because we entrust child care providers to help shape and mold our children at their most impressionable ages. Trying Together supports families, educators, and child care providers in delivering balanced early childhood experiences that have far-reaching effects on the lives of our children, and the communities that they are a part of. As a parent, I cannot think of a better way to support my local community than by continuing to help deliver on Trying Together’s mission.”


Board of Directors

Mr. David Andros
COO, AE Works Ltd.

“In my own children, I see such potential and the future of our country. Children today will become tomorrow’s employees, employers, and problem-solvers. This makes children our nation’s most critical resource. Providing quality education to all children right from the start will directly connect to their ability to solve the world’s and our country’s most challenging problems. It is clear to me that we have a lot of work to do to make sure every child has the opportunity to attend a quality early childhood program, and I am excited to be a part of the movement as a Trying Together Board member.”

Ms. Kristin Ash
Highmark Health

“The mom in me wants every kid to have the opportunity to learn. The business person in me knows that children are our future workforce, and we have to eliminate disparities to give them every opportunity to succeed. No matter if it’s parents, child caregivers, teachers or others, quality interactions – and love – in every setting can make this a reality.”

Ms. Jennifer Beer
President & CEO, Leadership Pittsburgh, Inc.

“As soon as I dropped my daughter off at our child care center when she was about seven weeks old, I had a new appreciation for child care and the industry as a whole…wanting to make sure my child – and every child – was safe and getting the best care, but also that the caregivers and the facility had access to the best funding and resources they needed. With a background in advocacy, I felt I’d be able to help advance some of the public policies that could make a positive impact on child care and early learning for many families across our region.”

Ms. Mara L. Frank
Senior Manager, Ernst & Young

“I joined the Board of Trying Together as education is a passion of mine. It is the foundation for success. As a mother of a young child, navigating through motherhood and my career, I understand now more than ever, how critical it is for children to have access to quality care and education. It takes a village to raise, care for, and educate a child, and Trying Together is an advocate for children and the adults who interact with them, focusing on educating all on the importance of and striving to enhance access to quality care and education for children and quality resources for the adults who care for and educate them.”

Ms. Christine Herring, EdD
Consultant, Herring Seminars

“In 2013, my husband and I attended Trying Together’s inaugural UnConference: Game On!, presented in collaboration with the CREATE Lab and Google Pittsburgh. I knew then that it was an organization with which I wanted to be affiliated. Becoming a member of their Board is providing me the opportunity to be proactive in influencing policies that benefit providers, students, and their families.”

Kavita Iyengar
Vice President, Procurement, Highmark Health

Dr. Jane Kwon
Pediatric Resident, UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

“As a pediatrician and a former early childhood educator, I believe that children’s health and well-being start with early childhood experiences and development. In that spirit, I joined Trying Together to advocate for our children and support early childhood educators, both locally and nationally. Our children deserve to learn and grow in an environment where they can thrive. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Board and advocate for our children’s well-being and the future of our community.”

Mr. Casey Mindlin
Executive Director, STEM Coding Lab

“I joined the board because I feel there is no higher calling than to aid and support young children everywhere, with no exceptions. The quality of care and education our children receive early in life will be dictated by the depth of our collective commitment to their future, and there are few organizations more steeped in the fight for children in Western PA than Trying Together. Having worked for five years and counting at Scholastic, the world’s largest publisher, and distributor of children’s books, I’m all too aware of the importance the beginning years of a child’s life hold. That is why it’s an honor to serve alongside such an inspiring group of child advocates – our future depends on people like my fellow board members and the Trying Together staff.”

Ms. Karian Wise
Director of Early Learning, Campus Laboratory School, Carlow University

“Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, grow, and develop in a safe, nurturing environment. Every family deserves the opportunity to access resources to support them, partner with high-quality early learning providers, and know their children are safe. Every caregiver deserves the opportunity to be respected, have access to resources to support them, and continue their learning. Through collaboration, this can be a reality for all children, families, and caregivers.”


Two preschool girls using a mixing bowl to cook