Parenting Together Pathway

The Parenting Together Pathway is a video-based learning series to provide high-quality information on early childhood development to parents and caregivers in Allegheny County and surrounding areas. The Parenting Together Pathway provides families the opportunity to learn more about: brain development; play; interactions and relationships; technology; child care; and advocacy to better support their children’s healthy growth. Additional videos will be released through 2021.


The Beautiful Brain

Presenters: Lindsey Ramsey and Cristina Codario

This presentation provides an overview of how the brain develops during early childhood. Caregivers will learn about the impact of interactions, environments, and trauma on a child’s brain, and develop an understanding of how strong brain development can be effectively supported through fun and engaging activities.

It’s More Than Just Play: The Role of Play in a Child’s Life

Presenter: Bliss Letang

This presentation provides an overview of the types of play and how play benefits young children. Caregivers will learn about how they can support playful learning.

Everyday Interactions Matter: Noticing the Simple and Ordinary

Presenter: Sarah Grubb

This presentation provides an overview of positive interactions between children and their caregivers. Caregivers will learn to recognize moments of connecting, sharing, growing, and belonging in everyday moments.

The Role of Technology in Caregiving and Caregiving Experiences

Presenter: Katie Gullone

This presentation provides an overview of how technology can be resourceful in caregiving experiences. Caregivers will learn how integrating technology into children’s daily routines, including play, can be fun and supportive towards their development.

How to Choose High-Quality Child Care

Presenter: Lindsey Ramsey

This presentation provides an overview of important characteristics to look for when searching for child care. Caregivers will learn about the various aspects of child care that attribute to high quality interactions and experiences.

Becoming A Child’s First Advocate

Presenter: Lindsey Ramsey

This presentation provides an overview of advocacy, its definition, and the role it plays for young children and their families. Caregivers will learn about various campaigns related to early childhood and how they can become and advocate for all children.

Early Intervention

Presenter: Alicia Sebastian

This presentation will cover the basics of early intervention services in Allegheny County.

Safety and Emergencies

Presenter: Kathy Wolfe

This video will provide an overview for families to become prepared in case of an emergency. Topics will include creating an emergency kit, fire safety, car seat safety, safe sleep, and medication.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing

Presenter: Sarah Grubb

This presentation provides an overview of what social-emotional wellness is in early childhood and will include topics of why it’s important, and how you and your child can work together to encourage your child’s social-emotional growth forming close, secure, meaningful relationships.

Parenting for Positive Racial Identity Development

Presenter: Dr. Denisha Jones

This presentation provides an overview for families about racial identity development, why it matters, and how caregivers can support positive racial identity development for young children.

You are a valued caregiver.

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. The importance of the everyday interactions that adults have with the young children in their care have a great impact on their healthy development and learning. Thank you for utilizing Trying Together’s digital resources.

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