We work with you to support high-quality care and education for young children.

Cynthia Battle Community Outreach Specialist 412.567.1304
Toni Beasley Director of Family Support Center 412.727.6649
Sarah Byrne-Houser Community Engagement Strategist 412.567.3598
Holly Cessna Quality Coach 412.812.1544
Cara Ciminillo Executive Director 412.421.7883
Cristina Codario Public Policy Regional Coordinator 412.567.3673
Jasmine Davis Professional Learning Program Manager 412.567.3933
Rachelle Duffy Director of Learning and Development 412.567.1004
Sierra Farmer Early Learning Program Engagement Specialist 412.350.3577
Andrea Gardner Early Learning Program Engagement Specialist 412.350.3577
Lissa Geiger Shulman Director of Public Policy 412.421.3716
Judy Graca STARS Designator 412.224.7783
Katie Gullone Program Director, Message from Me 919.302.3418
Lisa Hall Early Learning Program Engagement Specialist 412.350.3577
Theresa Hetler Workforce Development Strategist 412.567.3329
Jan Jones Buzzword Pittsburgh Program Coordinator 412.567.5094
Jayme Jordan Health and Safety Coach 412.224.3713
Bliss Letang Early Learning Program Engagement Supervisor 412.350.2877
Mimi Loughead Innovative Learning Strategist 412.567.5163
Jennifer McKain Early Head Start Coach 412.567.4268
Jillian Miller Quality Coach 412.670.0684
Shawna Mohler Quality Coach 412.863.8210
Emily Neff PK-3 Public Policy Manager/Kindergarten Transition Program Director 412.567.4163
Nicole Paulovich STARS Designator 412.515.9814
Lindsey Perry Quality Coach 412.224.7309
Brandon Phillips Community Outreach Specialist
Maria Pisano Director of Communications 412.421.3734
Perrinda Sandiford Quality Coach 412.670.4035
Jan Sapotichne Associate Executive Director, Trying Together | Assistant Director/Director of Quality Support Services, ELRC Region 5 412.350.3604
Sharon Seitam Operations Manager 412.421.3889
Chasta Shaw Early Head Start Coach 412.567.4268
Sarah Siplak Director of Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative 412.567.4386
Peter Sloan Director of Research and Evaluation 412.567.4391
Nia Stanley Quality Coach 412.863.8181
Katie Streiff Quality Coach 412.812.4536
Victoria Taylor Family Development Specialist 412.727.6649
Vanessa Thompson Project Lead, Strategic Initiatives & Outreach 412.567.1301
Neil Walker Family Development Specialist 412.727.6649
Serena Washington Family Resource Coordinator 412.350.2816
Charzzi White Director of Coach Development 412.350.3666
Kathy Wolfe Health and Safety Coach 412.224.0416
Lainey Yockey Communications Manager 412.567.3935