We work with you to support high-quality care and education for young children.

Cynthia Battle Community Outreach Specialist 412.421.3889 x 116
Toni Beasley Director of Family Support Center 412.727.6649
Sarah Byrne-Houser Community Engagement Strategist 412.421.3889 x 111
Cara Ciminillo Executive Director 412.421.3889 x 103
Jasmine Davis Professional Learning Program Manager 412.421.3889 x106
Rachelle Duffy Director of Learning and Development 412.421.3889 x 113
Lissa Geiger Shulman Director of Public Policy 412.421.3889 x 100
Theresa Hetler Educational Programming Specialist 412.421.3889 x 102
Jan Jones Buzzword Pittsburgh Program Coordinator 412.421.3889 x108
Mimi Loughead Quality Initiatives Specialist 412.421.3889 x 112
Jennifer McKain Early Head Start Coach 412.421.3889 x 118
Emily Neff Public Policy Associate 412.421.3889 x 107
Brandon Phillips Community Outreach Specialist
Maria Pisano Director of Communications 412.421.3889 x 117
Jan Sapotichne Director of Quality Initiatives 412.421.3889 x 101
Sharon Seitam Operations Manager 412.421.3889 x 109
Chasta Shaw Early Head Start Coach 412.421.3889 x 118
Sarah Siplak Director of Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative 412.421.3889 x 115
Peter Sloan Director of Research and Evaluation 412.421.3889 x104
Victoria Taylor Family Development Specialist 412.727.6649
Vanessa Thompson Project Lead, Strategic Initiatives & Outreach 412.421.3889 x110
Neil Walker Family Development Specialist 412.727.6649
Charzzi White Director of Coach Development 412.421.3889 x 114