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Jan 18 Link to Fathers Trying Together

Fathers Trying Together

Fathers Trying Together is a weekly support group for male caregivers to come together and engage in positive activities with their young children. On the third Friday of each month,…

Jan 18 Link to Women's Rap

Women's Rap

Women’s Rap is a monthly support group for female caregivers to connect. We’re currently engaging in the Stuck Series, where we focus on identifying and moving through the barriers and…

Jan 21 Link to Being Together

Being Together

Guided by staff, Being Together engages early childhood providers to develop a community where children can come together and learn social skills through play every third Monday of the month.

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Trying Together has launched our 2017–18 Policy Agenda with nine priorities to:

Do What’s Best for Children

Invest Adequately

Enhance Quality

To accomplish this work, we need supporters who will join us to raise their voices, use traditional and social media, and meet with policy makers.

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Quote Fred Rogers

We need to remember that children are trying, too—trying to understand their feelings and their world, trying to please the people they love, trying to grow. When grownups and children are trying together, just about anything can be possible.

Fred Rogers

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