Social Media Policy

Thank you for following, liking, and engaging with Trying Together on social media.

Trying Together supports high-quality care and education for young children by providing advocacy, community resources, and professional growth opportunities for the needs and rights of children, their families, and the individuals who interact with them. Trying Together works regionally (in Southwestern Pennsylvania) and takes its expertise and models to statewide and national audiences.

The purpose of the Trying Social Media Policy is to establish a set of guidelines for the public to address user expectations, guidelines, and appropriate conduct when engaging with page administrators and fellow fans and followers on Trying Together’s social networking platforms.

Through this Policy, Trying Together aims to ensure our social media communications build community and provide a space for respectful dialogue. Furthermore, we aim to maintain our brand, identity, and integrity. As such, users wishing to engage with Trying Together through our social networking platforms must adhere to the guidelines set forth:


NO discriminatory language.

Common areas of discrimination include the following examples:

  • Race (including Nationality, Ethnicity, National Origin, and Color)
  • Sex, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation
  • Immigration Status
  • Class
  • Mental or Physical Disability
  • Parental Status or Marital Status
  • Religion or Spirituality
  • Political Belief or Activity
  • Educational or Professional Background

NO profanity or foul language.

Please be considerate and respectful of others.

NO solicitation or use of pages to promote/sell products.

We do not endorse, sell, or promote the sale of commercial products that benefit for-profit businesses.

NO tagging us in posts if we are unable to respond.

If we are unable to respond to your comments, concerns, or questions on social media because you have blocked our account from doing so, we will suspend your ability to “tag” or “@mention” us in posts and tweets and request that your post/tweet be removed. We believe social media is a space for two-way communication.

When engaging with Trying Together please be:

  • Mindful
  • Considerate
  • Respectful

Users who violate the guidelines set forth in this policy will be subject to review; inappropriate posts/comments will be removed; and Trying Together will block the user.

If you have questions, please contact Maria Pisano, Director of Communications, by email: or by phone: 412.421.3889.