April 7, 2022

Certification Rewrite Subcommittee Members Announced

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) has announced the members of the Early Learning Council (ELC) Certification Rewrite Ad Hoc Subcommittee. These individuals were selected to represent the larger child care provider community and provided direct feedback on drafts of the rewritten child care certification regulations.

About the Subcommittees

The Subcommittee has been divided into five Subchapter Workgroups:

  1. Purpose and Authority – includes the introduction to the regulations, and outlines their purpose, applicability and definitions.

  2. Family and Community – includes regulations related to family engagement, communication with parents, procedures for admission, parent consent and services to a child with a developmental delay, disability, or special healthcare need.

  3. Professional Development Training and Requirements – includes regulations related to facility persons including suitability, age, qualifications, responsibilities, professional development and preservice training.

  4. Early Childhood Education Program – includes regulations related to staff: child ratio, physical site, equipment, fire safety, the program, elements of child and adult health, nutrition, transportation, and adult records.

  5. Certification and Oversite – includes regulations related to general requirements related to applications, appeals & waivers, building codes and insurance, child abuse reporting, departmental access, emergency plans, and the handling of child records.

Lindsey Ramsey, Assistant Director of Public Policy and Practice at Trying Together, is a member of the Purpose and Authority Subcommittee.

More Information

To learn more about these Subchapters, to find out who are the Ad Hoc Subcommittee members, and learn what to expect from this next phase of the project, visit the Pennsylvania Key website.

Visit the Certification Rewrite Page on the Pennsylvania Key’s website for details about the project.