December 9, 2021

Child Care Certification Regulation Requirements to be Reinstated

To maintain compliance with the Office of Child Care (OCC) federal requirements, certain child care regulations extended under Act 73 of 2021 will be reinstated effective January 6, 2022. There will be some child care regulations that will continue to be suspended until further notice.


To assist child care providers with the transition of the reinstatement of certain regulatory requirements (relating to § 98.41 health and safety requirements and § 98.42 Enforcement of licensing and health and safety requirements), and continued suspension of other regulatory requirements, the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) has provided a Regulation Reinstatement or Suspension End Dates: OCDEL Guidance Chart.

The chart outlines the regulation sections that were reinstated or suspended, and when child care certification staff will begin measuring compliance for the regulations that were reinstated. Some of the compliance dates will vary.

More Information

Details about the regulations that have been reinstated and those that remain suspended are outlined in the full announcement online.

Questions should be directed to the OCDEL Western Region Office at 800-222-2149.