August 25, 2021

Is Your Child Up to Date on Their Vaccines?

National Immunization Awareness Month is hosted every August to highlight the importance of immunizations. If your child will start or has started school, make sure their vaccines are up to date to keep them (and others) safe and healthy.

Child Vaccine Schedules

With the back-to-school season at our doorstep, families across the Commonwealth are working to ensure their children are prepared to return to in-person learning. Whether your child has started school or not, make sure they are up to date on their immunizations.

To see if your child is up-to-date, check out these vaccine schedules (in English and Spanish).

What can educators do to support?

Early Childhood Education (ECE) staff are also encouraged to make immunization a priority and foster an environment of health through:

    • immunization tracking,
    • staff education and adult vaccination as needed, and
    • parent education on immunizations.

Family and Educator Resources

Early Childhood Education Linkage System – Health Child Pennsylvania has compiled a list of parent and educators resources that includes information on vaccines, immunization schedules, and answers to frequently asked questions. For more news, visit Trying Together’s News page.