Family Engagement for Child Care Providers: Support Transition

A program’s support during transitions makes a big difference!

Transition could mean when a child moves to a new classroom or to a new educator within a program, to a different early learning program, to a new town or state, or transitions to Kindergarten. These transitions can be stressful, but when adults partner together during these times, the process can become much smoother.


  • Understand that a parent’s role is essential in supporting the child and their caregivers during the transition.
  • Communicate with families in advance—send an email or a letter, have a phone call or an in-person transition meeting—to inform the families about the transition and discuss any support they might need.
  • Make a transition plan.
  • Examine formal and informal assessments of children to inform the transition.
  • Encourage the parent or caregiver to reach out to the ELRC for supportive resources before and during the transition.
  • Encourage the parent or caregiver to contact school districts in their area.
  • Offer information about Hi5! to the parent or caregiver if the child is transitioning into Kindergarten.
  • Access the school district’s readiness packet to share with families of children transitioning to Kindergarten.
  • Reach out to the new school and invite teachers or guidance counselors to visit the program.
  • Contact the new school to ask about opportunities for children to visit before enrolling.
  • Host a transition event.
  • Invite former children of the program to talk to children about Kindergarten.
  • Host an event for families to connect with families of Kindergarteners about the transition.
  • Invite school guidance counselors to speak to the children about their new school.
  • Consider that family events like a new baby, a move, homelessness, or custody changes are important transitions.
  • Talk with the child about the change to come.
  • Support a child’s play scenarios relating to understanding the change.
  • Create or read a story with the child about transition to Kindergarten, a move to a new house, a new sibling, etc.


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