June 4, 2021

Free Juneteenth Classes for Kids

Families, celebrate Juneteenth with your children by signing them up for a free class on the history of the holiday! Classes are available for children ages five to 18 years old.



Juneteenth Classes

Offered through the online learning platform Reconstruction, the classes are designed to celebrate the history of Juneteenth and provide opportunities for kids to discover their own special ways to promote Black freedom in their communities.

Class Units

Their courses are broken up into the following units:


Juneteenth Jubilee (5 – 9 years old)

Students will learn the origin and traditions of Juneteenth celebrations. Then, using their new knowledge, students will plan a celebration of their own by creating a menu and a special guest list.

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Juneteenth verzus July 4th (10 – 14 years old)

Students will experience informational videos about July 4th and Juneteenth then read a short excerpt from The Voting Booth by Brandy Colbert. Students will discuss the two different independence celebrations and their implications on Black people. Students will develop their own nuanced understanding of Black freedom and how/when they can celebrate Black freedom in their communities.

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Reppin’ Juneteenth (15 – 18 years old)

Students will answer the essential question: “How have Black people in America fought for independence?” and investigate the concept of emancipation and the Juneteeth holiday. Students will synthesize their own idea of sovereignty, agency, and independence using videos and articles then create a slide presentation to represent their vision for freedom and celebration. Young leaders will have the knowledge they need to promote Black freedom in their communities.

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Upcoming Brown Mamas Classes

This summer, Brown Mamas is offering hands-on, African-American-centered learning opportunities to their communities in Pittsburgh in conjunction with the online learning platform Reconstruction.

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