January 4, 2023

New Tax Guides for Child Care Professionals

Civitas Strategies Early Start, in partnership with Wisconsin Early Education Shared Services (WEESSN) – a program of Wisconsin Early Childhood Association (WECA) – has developed tax guides specifically for child care providers nationwide.

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The guides focus on helping providers use the three largest online tax preparation software brands to address specific child care business scenarios.

The tax guides give child care providers the specific knowledge they need to provide accurate information about their business and understand where to enter data into the software. These guides are not meant to be large or laborious tools – they remove a key barrier for providers in using these efficient, cost-effective online methods of tax preparation. Here are links to the guides for each software:

Once the tax software is released for the 2022 tax year, the guides will be updated with screenshots and videos instructing child care providers which areas they need focus on to ensure they have what they need to prepare their taxes.

Details about the guides are available on the WECA website.