October 5, 2022

October is Head Start Awareness Month

October is Head Start Awareness Month and it aims to spread awareness about a crucial program that benefits millions of children, caregivers, and families throughout the nation. Since its inception, Head Start has served 37 million children; helping them to build necessary skills to be successful in school and life.

About Head Start

Head Start is a federal program that promotes the school readiness of children from birth through ages five that is available to families with incomes no more than 100 percent of the federal poverty guidelines. The program provides a learning environment that supports the cognitive, social, and emotional development of participating children.

Many Head Start programs also offer Early Head Start, which serves infants, toddlers, and pregnant women and their families who have incomes below the federal poverty level. To learn more about Head Start, visit

Benefits of Head Start

Did you know that children participating in Head Start programs have increased access to health care and improved physical health throughout their lifetimes? Evidence shows that Head Start children:

  • were served more fruits, vegetables, and milk and fewer sweetened beverages and other sweets and snacks, when compared to other child care sites;
  • are three times as likely to have healthy eating patterns as non-participants;
  • who received 60 minutes of outdoor playtime were 42% less likely to be obese at the end of the program year;
  • received sleep health interventions that increased their sleep duration and decreased their behavioral sleep problems;
  • had access to regular screenings, immunizations, well-child visits, dental and nutrition services, healthy meals, and social service programs such as SNAP and WIC; and
  • were less likely to be hospitalized for accident or injury, missed fewer school days, and had fewer emergency hospital visits.


Head Start’s six decades of experience leans on taking a comprehensive approach by providing a framework that meets social, emotional, psychological, nutritional, and health needs of children.

In support and celebration of #HeadStartAwareness Month, Trying Together has compiled Head Start resources to spread awareness of the importance of this federal program:

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To learn more about the Head Start program and eligibility requirements, or to find a Head Start provider near you, visit the Office of Head Start’s website.

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