March 23, 2023

Pennsylvania Key Offering School Age Child Care Mental Health Consultation

The Pennsylvania Key Infant-Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) Program is now offering School Age Child Care (SACC) Mental Health Consultation, with support from the Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL).

About SACC Mental Health Consultation

SACC Mental Health Consultation is a problem-solving and collaborative approach to help develop goals and strategies for:

  • child social-emotional concerns
  • child behavioral or developmental concerns
  • emotional well-being of teachers and caregivers partnering with families

Through SACC Mental Health Consultation, a Mental Health Consultant is available by appointment to provide assistance via telephone or video conference, and is now accepting appointments for consultation throughout Pennsylvania.

How can SACC Mental Health Consultation help your program?

SACC Mental Health Consultation helps adults strengthen their relationships with school age children and build the capacity to respond to children’s social-emotional needs. Consultation can help reduce caregiver stress, as well as increase caregivers’ reflective practice skills to:

  • figure out what’s really going on when children exhibit challenging behaviors
  • reflect and respond to problem behaviors with the power and impact of nurturing relationships
  • build partnerships with families
  • share community resources
  • consider your next steps and where to go from there

Who can request SACC Mental Health Consultation?

 Services are available to child care professionals participating in Keystone STARS school age child care programs (like teachers, directors, and staff in center, group-based child care programs).

How can you request a SACC Mental Health Consultant appointment?

Appointments are held on Tuesdays, with the option to schedule follow up appointments based on individual needs.

To schedule an appointment with Lauren Walter, SACC Mental Health Consultant, please complete the SACC Mental Health Consultant Form.