May 31, 2023

Pittsburgh Digital Equity Coalition Hosting Community Feedback Meetings

The Pittsburgh Digital Equity Coalition and the City of Pittsburgh are hosting a series of community feedback meetings on their Allegheny County Digital Equity Plan and are inviting community members to come discuss their digital needs with community leaders.

Held at various locations throughout the summer, all residents of Allegheny County are encouraged to attend.

About Community Feedback Meetings

What are the community feedback meetings?

At community feedback meetings, community leaders will ask attendees for feedback on the draft Digital Equity Plan for Allegheny County and ask questions about digital technology in attendees lives.

Why are these meetings taking place?

The Pittsburgh Digital Equity Coalition needs to ensure that their Digital Equity Plan addresses residents’ digital needs. The coalition must understand what residents need so they can use any funding offered to give all residents equal access to digital technology and information.

Who participates in meetings?

Meetings will consist of Allegheny County residents and community leaders. Leaders involved in the Pittsburgh Digital Equity Coalition, the City of Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County will lead the meetings and collect feedback from residents.

When will the meetings take place?

Meetings will be held throughout the summer of 2023. To see a complete schedule of meetings, visit the City of Pittsburgh website.

Where will the meetings take place?

The coalition will host meetings in locations across Allegheny County. Additionally, they will host a number of virtual meetings.

To find a full list of meeting dates, times, locations, and registration links, visit the City of Pittsburgh website.

Learn More

To learn more, visit the City of Pittsburgh website.