August 10, 2021

PPS First Day of School Changing to September 8

Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) is changing the first day of school for all Pre-k – 12 students to September 8. Continue reading below to learn more.

PPS First Day of School

In order to prepare for the arrival of all students and lessen the strain of wearing masks during the summer, Pittsburgh Public Schools plans on changing the start of the school year for all students to September 8, 2021, with teachers returning on August 30. Transportation carriers are also short 426 drivers, resulting in a seating gap of approximately 10,996 students in the City of Pittsburgh.

District Strategies

Expanded walk zones, increased use of Port Authority, and the proposed changes to school start and end times will reduce the seat gap by more than half. Delaying the first day of school allows the Transportation Department to address the remaining seat gap and prioritize transportation services for the District’s youngest students and those that receive specialized transportation. The District will:

    • support newly added transportation carriers as they complete onboarding of new drivers;
    • transition additional middle school students to Port Authority where feasible;
    • finalize new partnerships with community stakeholders for other transportation channels; and
    • launch a release your seat campaign that reimburses families who can transport their students to school.

Families who are able to transport their child to and from school are asked to sign up at The new start date will change the last day of school for students to June 22, making the last day for teachers June 24.

Board Education Committee Meeting

The District shared further details about its back-to-school readiness at the Board Education Committee Meeting on Tuesday, August 10. The meeting is archived and available for viewing online.

Board Approval Timeline

The Board will vote on the adjusted school year calendar at a Special Legislative Meeting on August 18. The revised calendar will change the start of school from August 25 to September 8 for all students Pre-k – 12.

More Information

For more information, visit the PPS website. To read more news, visit our News page.