July 19, 2021

FEC Program Helps Pittsburghers Reduce Debt and Save Money

If you are looking to reduce your debt, save money, or tackle a financial challenge, the Pittsburgh Financial Empowerment Center can help!

Reduce Your Debt and Save Money

The Pittsburgh Financial Empowerment Center (FEC) provides free personal financial management support to any Pittsburgher over the age of 18 through free, one-on-one financial counseling sessions. These sessions help participants:

    • tackle financial challenges,
    • reduce debt,
    • increase savings,
    • navigate complex systems, and
    • make concrete plans to achieve long-term goals.

Since the program’s launch in March 2019, FEC financial counselors have provided financial management support to over 1,000 people in support of their personalized financial goals.

Financial Counseling Sessions

To register for financial counseling, visit the Pittsburgh FEC website or follow them on Facebook.

More Information

The Pittsburgh FEC is a free public service provided in partnership between the City of Pittsburgh Mayor’s Office of Equity, Neighborhood Allies, Advantage Credit Counseling Service, and Cities for Financial Empowerment Fund.