May 21, 2021

Help Decide the Wilkinsburg Walk Path

Wilkinsburg, get your walking shoes ready! Healthy Babies Zone Wilkinsburg and American Heart Association have teamed up to bring a WalkWorks walking path to YOU.


Wilkinsburg Walking Path

WalkWorks is a network of fun, fact-filled walking routes and groups across Pennsylvania. Routes for this project will:

    • be located in Wilkinsburg,
    • be between one to two miles,
    • be accessible to all ages and abilities,
    • start and finish at the same time,
    • include accessible parking,
    • include safe speed limits and crossings, and
    • highlight neighborhood points of interest along the way!

Help Them Decide the Path

Do you have recommendations for where the walking path should be located? Complete this survey to share your idea with the project organizers!

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