2018–2020 Trying Together Community Report

Supporting the work of early childhood

Strategic Goals:
Progress in Context

In 2018, Trying Together launched its Strategic Roadmap.

Trying Together now finds itself at the midway point of this journey as these goals are being prioritized through 2022.

Throughout the Trying Together Community Report, readers will learn about its success in meeting these goals, and others that require continued perseverance. Given the context of extensive system changes in the early childhood landscape and current events since the last report, some of these goals have taken precedence over others.

… I don’t think there is another organization who has demonstrated that, ‘We are in this together and together we can break all barriers’.

- Sister Barbara Ann Boss, CEO, Elizabeth Seton Center

Strategic Goal

A national leader offering its expertise in coordinating and connecting systems at the neighborhood, local, and regional levels to support early childhood development and early learning.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Trying Together Community Outreach Specialist Cynthia Battle met with six-year-old Ayden and his four-year-old sister Peyton to read them “Rosie’s Walk” by Pat Hutchins. Knowing that the children were waiting for that week’s story, Cynthia met the family in a Giant Eagle parking lot and read to them using Google Duo.

home- and center-based early educators from 19 registered or early learning organizations in Homewood received professional development.
families in the Homewood community and throughout Pittsburgh regularly participated in programs.
children and families were served by BUZZWORD during its sessions in the Pittsburgh East End and Hazelwood neighborhoods.

Strategic Goal

The premier provider of in-person and online professional growth opportunities for home, center, and school-based professionals to ensure that every child has access to high-quality early childhood and early learning experiences.

  • 600 early learning providers were contacted by ELRC Region 5 Quality Coaches through:
    • 10,561 emails;
    • 1,446 phone calls;
    • 532 site visits;
    • 138 meetings; and
    • 44 mailings totaling 13,000 interactions over the course of 4,000 hours.
  • 1,700 early learning service providers including 1,000+ relative providers and 600 regulated providers were contacted by Early Learning Program Engagement Specialists.
  • 970 professional development hours were provided to nearly 4,600 professionals.

During “UnConference: Young Learners’ Guide to Tech” in 2019, early educators gathered at Avonworth Primary Center to contemplate how technology can assist children in developing critical 21st-century skills. In this workshop presented by the Early Childhood Learning Team from Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, infant/toddler and other early educators were challenged through hands-on activities to help them intentionally integrate tech into their practice.


I have regularly attended these conferences and have gained so much from each and every one! Thank you to all who put these together!

- UnConference Attendee, 2019

Strategic Goal

A "go-to source" for families to aid them in making well-informed decisions regarding their child’s early experiences.

From 2018 through 2020, Trying Together:

At Ultimate Play Day 2018 in August Wilson Park, families gathered for this annual celebration of play event. Pictured, several young children and their caregivers were trying together to create a shaving cream painting and having fun with this activity from the Ujamaa Collective.


Allegheny Child Care supported our search and provided valuable information that confirmed our choice for child care.

- Family, Allegheny County

Strategic Goal

An expert policy resource in Western Pennsylvania and a leading advocate for high-quality early care and education in the state, mobilizing its network to take action on issues important to young children and their families.

dollars in increased investments for pre-k.
dollars in increased investments for home visiting.
meetings held with state legislators.