December 27, 2021

Allegheny County Rapid Response Team

The ELRC Region 5 has joined forces Trying Together and other early childhood community partners in Allegheny County to create a Rapid Response Team that provides immediate support in the event that a child is in danger of suspension or expulsion.

About the Rapid Response Team

Child care providers and families caring for children ages zero to five can submit a request for support to the Rapid Response Team’s Collaborations and Support Strategist, who will collect information to determine next steps of support.

The goal of the Rapid Response Team is to provide assistance and support to a child care center’s administration and staff, and to help families with locating resources that may supplement the child’s care. The team provides:

  • An immediate response, within 48 hours, to any child care center that requires supports for themselves or regarding a specific child

  • A plan outlining strengths and needs evidence-based tools, along with input from parents, staff and a thorough observation

    • Revised Inventory of Practice tool

    • Ages and Stages Questionnaire

  • Individualized support to the center, staff, family and/or child from a designated team member

  • Quicker connections and referrals for easier access to external supports

Get support

Child care providers and families/caregivers in Allegheny County can submit a request for support by contacting Alicia Sebastian at or 570-574-7384. View this flyer for more details.

Image: A young child engages with an early learning professional, playing with and stacking colorful blocks on a table outside.