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October 20, 2020

Parent and Child Voices: Fathering and Co-Parenting

Tuesday, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm Free

Are you interested in learning about the Supporting Father Involvement (SFI) program? Join Brazelton Touchpoints Center on October 20 for their webinar, “Parent and Child Voices: The Importance of Fathering and Co-Parenting.”


This webinar will feature the voices of children, fathers, and mothers on the importance of fathering and co-parenting. Presenters will explore how the SFI program helps parents learn to hear what their partners and children need, and figure out—together—the routines, parenting strategies, and future plans they want to keep or change to best sustain their family. The webinar will include short videos of children talking about what their father’s presence or absence means to them, and of parents discussing how SFI changed their families.


To register and learn more, visit the Brazelton Touchpoints Center website.

Picture: Two young boys stand at a table together playing with attachable blocks.