July 2, 2020

Online Fire Safety Training Now Available for Child Care Centers

Attention child care providers! Does your program need to complete fire safety training? The Pennsylvania Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) is temporarily accepting an online fire safety training that meets required fire safety regulations!


In their recent announcement, OCDEL stated that child care center providers and staff will be able to temporarily complete their annual fire safety training online during the COVID-19 pandemic. As programs reopen, providers should start arranging for all staff to complete annual fire safety training if their current training certification is about to expire or has expired.

While OCDEL maintains that face-to-face training for fire safety is most appropriate, they state that if in-person training is unavailable, they will temporarily accept the following approved fire safety online training offered on the PD Registry:

This training course will be deemed acceptable up until 30 days after the Disaster Proclamation is lifted or such other time as the Department directs.


Reach out to your local fire chief for other fire safety specialist first to see if they are offering any face-to-face fire safety trainings that are conducive to social distancing practices. If face-to-face training is unavailable, have staff register for and complete the online Department of Human Services Fire Safety Training. To register, search for “DHS Fire Safety Training” or the Event ID included above on the Pennsylvania PD Registry.

More Information

For more information, see the Announcement C-20-07, Fire Safety Training for Child Care Centers may be obtained online during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Image: Two young children stand together at a table, both playing with small colorful blocks.