February 11, 2021

Get Matched With A “Mama Mentor”

Parenting can be hard. If you are the mother of a newborn (or are expecting a baby soon), enroll in the Nurture Program to get paired with a volunteer “Mama Mentor.”  This program is intended for mothers living in Southwestern Pennsylvania.



The Nurture Program provides information and parenting support to new and expectant mothers through their network of mentors and text-based platform. Their network of mentors consists of women with parenting experience and is supported by a team of program supervisors with training in early childhood development and infant mental health. Depending on the needs of the mother, mentors may share helpful resources, words of encouragement, or referrals to medical, mental health, or developmental professionals. Mentors also provide mothers with a safe space to access emotional support during such a transformative time.

Available Services

Nurture Program Mentors provide a range of services, including:

    • answering general questions about parenting and infant care,
    • suggesting activities you can do with your child based on their developmental stage,
    • offering encouragement or providing a sounding board when you need it
    • sharing evidence-based information and recommending local resources that can help you meet any needs that arise,
    • and more.

Request A Mentor

The program is always free, confidential, and completely virtual through the Nurture Program’s text-based platform. This program is intended for new (or soon to be new) mothers in Southwestern Pennsylvania. To get matched with a mentor, complete the online signup form.

More Information

For answers to commonly asked questions, visit the Nurture Program FAQ page. Individuals can also reach out to the Nurture Program by emailing