March 29, 2023

NAEYC Issues Call for Papers on Identity and Early Childhood Education

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) recently issued a Call for Papers for the fall 2023 issue of their online journal, “Voices of Practitioners.”

Themed, “Reflecting on Our Own Identities in Early Childhood Education,” NAEYC seeks stories that explore how early childhood professionals’ reflections on their own identities (specifically social identities) impact their work with young children.

Paper proposals are due by Friday, April 7.

About Voices of Practitioners

“Voices of Practitioners: Teacher Research in Early Childhood Education” is an online, peer-reviewed journal in which teachers provide a critical perspective on their roles in children’s development and learning. Published by NAEYC, it disseminates early childhood teachers’ systematic study of an aspect of their own classroom practice.

Call for Papers

Social Identities and Early Childhood Education

The concept of identity is complex and shaped by individual characteristics; family dynamics; historical factors; and social, cultural, and political contexts. Social identity refers to the group categories that each society creates and defines. These categories include race, family structure, language, gender, religion, and economic class.

Reflecting on how these identities intersect and influence practice can help early childhood educators understand and challenge how systems of oppression and privilege operate in early childhood settings.

Considerations for Writing About Social Identity

NAEYC is interested in receiving submissions that explore a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • how your social identities have informed your understanding of the children and families you work with
  • how your social identities have influenced your teaching practices and classroom dynamics
  • the role of self-reflection and professional development in understanding and addressing how your social identities impact your teaching

Submission Guidelines

Who can submit a paper proposal?

  • teachers and administrators at any stage in their career working with young children aged birth to 8 years
  • early childhood educators with various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives
  • teacher educators, particularly those working with associate degree students

What should paper proposals include?

Proposals should be 500-750 words in length and should include the following features:

  • an idea for a personal narrative essay that discusses identity and practice, relative to the broader issues of equity and social justice
  • a statement of the challenge or opportunity for reform the paper intends to address
  • a brief contextual overview of the submitter’s program (e.g., geography, the population of children and families served, etc.)
  • a key anecdote or descriptive narrative that captures the heart of the submitter’s message
  • bullet points of two to three lessons the submitter has learned from their experience and their reflections about it

How do interested educators submit?

  • Interested educators should email their completed proposal to
  • Please indicate in the subject line that it is a submission for “Voices of Practitioners” Fall 2023.
  • Proposals are due by April 7.

Learn More

To learn more, read the full submission guidelines or visit the NAEYC “Voices of Practitioners” webpage.