December 8, 2021

New Pittsburgh Public Schools Board Members and President

On December 7, 2021, after new school board members Jamie Piotrowski, Tracey Reed, and Eugene Walker were sworn in, Sala Udin (School Board District 3) was elected President of the Board. Devon Taliaferro (District 2) was named 1st Vice-President and Pam Harbin (District 4) was named 2nd Vice-President.

One of the first major actions the board will need to take will be to approve the 2022 budget of $690.3 million. Since 2017, spending in Pittsburgh Public Schools (district and charter) has grown by $99.3 million while revenues have grown by $45.6 million. The board will also need to approve a plan to spend $100 million in American Rescue Plan dollars by the end of the year as well (which called for money for tutors, out of school partnerships, operational excellence, and more).

The biggest challenge facing this board is that overall K-12  enrollment in Pittsburgh’s public schools has declined by 2,916 students since 2017 (District: -4,041; Charter: +1,125).

A+ Schools will host a lunch and learn conversation on Wednesday, December 15 at noon to discuss the budget proposals. Registration for this virtual event may be completed online.