November 23, 2021

Tip Sheet: Using the PD Registry Document Vault

As part of the new process for Keystone STARS pre-designation and designation applications, an updated Tip Sheet for Using the Document Vault within the PD Registry has been developed.


Though the new process has been delayed until 2022, child care providers can begin using the Document Vault feature, which aims to help them store important designation information in a centralized location for future designation purposes.

The tip sheet includes information on Vault functionality, naming documents, and instructions for uploading documents.

The Document Vault can be seen as a centralized storage location where important documentation and evidence can be stored for use in future Keystone STARS Designation activities. It is important to note that documents that were previously uploaded into the Keystone STARS Document Uploader will not automatically transfer into a program’s Document Vault.

View the Document Vault tip sheet on the PA Keys website. The Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL) will release additional guidance related to the rollout of the streamlined Keystone STARS Designation System in the upcoming months and will continue to offer training for both providers and ELRC staff until the go-live date in early 2022.