August 2, 2023

Trying Together CDA Program Available

Looking to receive a Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential? Trying Together is offering a CDA program at no cost to eligible early childhood professionals in Pennsylvania.

CDA Credential is the most widely recognized credential in the early childhood field and is a key stepping stone on the path to career advancement. The credential enables professionals to work in Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms, in addition to early learning programs across the United States, and provides opportunities for increased pay.

Trying Together’s CDA Programs

Trying Together is offering its Fall CDA program beginning August 29, 2023. A Spring CDA program will begin in February 2024.

Participants can matriculate CDA program coursework into 9-12 college credits at Carlow University, CCAC, or Westmoreland County Community College (WCCC).

Educators in the community based CDA program:

  • participate in distance learning through in-person, online self-paced Schoology, and Zoom sessions

  • complete 135 hours of professional development over six to nine months focused on the practice knowledge and skills needed to get credentialed

  • receive individualized support from experienced instructors

  • review current early childhood health and safety standards, ECE literature and resources, strategies on building positive relationships, strategies for implementing observations and assessments, etc.

  • focus on the completion of CDA Credential Portfolio requirements, preparing for the exam, and completing the application process

  • explore current early childhood theories, research, and best practices

  • have access to laptop lending


Those interested in Trying Together’s CDA Credential Preparation Program should complete the  CDA Credential Program Interest Form. NOTE: This form is for inquiry purposes only and is only available to professionals in Pennsylvania.

After completing the form, a member of the Trying Together staff will contact you to determine your eligibility and identify a CDA pathway that works best for you.

Learn More

More information about the program and eligibility requirements can be found on Trying Together’s CDA webpage.

Theresa Hetler stands among a group of early childhood care professionals, smiling as the others talk together.