February 2, 2022

Allegheny Lead Safe Homes Program

Are you a homeowner or renter in Allegheny County? Do you live with a pregnant person or a child age six or younger? If so, you might qualify for free home repairs from the Allegheny Lead Safe Homes Program to keep your family safe from lead paint.

Allegheny Lead Safe Homes Program

Lead is most dangerous to children under age six because their brains and nervous systems still are developing. When they put their hands and other objects in their mouth, they can swallow lead-paint dust, which can be invisible to the naked eye. Children also can be exposed to lead by ingesting soil, food, or water containing it. Even low levels of lead can cause behavior and learning problems, lower IQ and hyperactivity, and hearing problems.

The Allegheny Lead Safe Homes program offers qualifying homeowners and renters in Allegheny County with free lead-paint testing throughout their homes and hires a certified lead abatement contractor to repair any lead hazards found up to $12,000. Examples of work include repair and repainting of chipping and peeling lead-painted surfaces, window and door repair or replacement, and enclosing exterior trim and components.


If you’re interested in participating, please call ACTION-Housing at 412-227-5700, email or fill out the online form.

More Information

More information, including eligibility, can be found on the information sheet and on the program’s website.

Picture: A young baby looks up at the camera.