April 21, 2021

CDA Renewal Program Deadline Extended

The CDA Renewal Amnesty Program deadline is now December 31, 2021.


Who Can Apply?

Early learning professionals in Pennsylvania with a lapsed or expired Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential can apply for the program. Applicants must meet all requirements.


Before applying, professionals should check if they meet the professional development, safety, and continued work with children’s requirements. Renewal requirements are available online.

Professional Development – complete after the issue date of the credential being renewed.

  • Complete four and a half CEUs, a three-credit-hour college course, or 45 clock hours of training (specific to credential type).
  • Become a member of an ECE professional organization.
  • Select an early childhood professional to review and verify your training and membership documentation.

Safety – certification must be current at the time of application.

  • Complete in-person or blended courses in First Aid and Infant and Child (Pediatric) CPR.

Continued Work with Children – complete within one year of submitting your application.

  • Complete 80 hours of work with children (specific to credential type).
  • Select an early childhood professional to verify your work hours and complete a recommendation based on your work with children.

Please review the full requirement details before applying.

Submitting an Application

All materials can be submitted via the “YourCouncil CDA” portal. The cost to submit is $125. All applications and payments must be submitted by December 31, 2021. This program is eligible for Rising Stars Tuition Assistance.

Image: An early childhood professional holds a picture book up for the children, reading along together with them.