July 9, 2019

New Clearance Required for Child Care Providers

Due to a federal requirement under the reauthorization of the Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG), child care providers are required to complete a new clearance—the National Crime Information Center/National Sex Offender Registry (NSOR).


The NSOR clearance will verify that a check of the National Sex Offenders Registry was conducted and if the individual can or cannot work for a regulated child care provider. This clearance is required in addition to a Child Abuse History Clearance, Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check for Employment or Volunteers, and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Fingerprinting.

There is no fee for the NSOR clearance.


The following individuals must complete the NSOR verification certificate by July 1, 2020:

    • any individual 18 years or older residing in the child care facility;
    • all individuals working for Regulated Child Care Providers;
    • any individual with an ownership interest (corporate or non-corporate) in a Regulated Child Care Provider and who participates in the organization and management of the operation.

Application Process

By late summer/early fall 2019, there will be a paper application process for the NSOR clearance, and in late fall there will be an electronic process in place at

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For more information on required clearances, visit the Keep Kids Safe website.

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*Information provided by the PA Office of Child Development and Early Learning

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