May 5, 2021

Free Community Dialogue Training

Want to learn how to hold space for tough conversations in your daily life, community, workplace, or during formal dialogues? Join Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Essential Partners on May 25 and 26 for their free virtual training sessions.



Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and Essential Partners are offering members of the Pittsburgh community the opportunity to attend free virtual training centered on facilitating dialogue. Training will be hosted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m on Zoom Meetings.

Participants should plan to use a desktop, laptop, or tablet with a keyboard. This training is geared toward individuals who lead or influence groups of people that want to learn how to hold space for tough conversations.

Submit an Application

The application deadline is May 10, 2021. To apply, complete the online application form.

Learning Objectives

    • Understand the dynamics of stuck conversations.
    • Experience dialogic structures that break destructive or silencing patterns.
    • Experience Reflective Structured Dialogue.
    • Learn tools for reflection and inquiry that can be used in everyday interactions.
    • Learn how to establish the conditions for dialogue through the use of agreements, preparation, design, and the use of space.
    • Build connections between participants to support important, complex, or difficult conversations.
    • Structure dialogues in the community and design dialogue questions to invite narrative, value-based discussion, and complexity.
    • Use dialogue as a civic tool for reflection, self-authorship, connection to the values, and the development of conviction and intellectual humility.

Training Format

Day One

    • Group activity, training overview, introductions, break, information-sharing, group discussion, lunch, participate in a dialogue, journaling, break, dialogue debrief, review, and practice.

Day Two

    • Reflection share-out, information-sharing, exercises, break, dialogue facilitation using a script, debrief, lunch, exercise and teaching, facilitation deep-dive, exercise and teaching, break, additional practice, and wrap-up/evaluations.

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