Family Engagement Toolkit: Acknowledgements

Thank you!

Trying Together would like to wholeheartedly thank Jefferson Regional Foundation for their generous support in funding the Trying Together Family Engagement Toolkit. Sincere thanks for their dedication to children, families, and early learning providers!

Thanks to the Allegheny County Family Centers directors who provided us with critical input in creating this toolkit, especially South Hills Family Center, Turtle Creek Family Care Connection, and McKeesport Family Center.

Inspiration and insight for the Family Engagement Toolkit was drawn from several sources during the research phase for this toolkit, including:

  • Pennsylvania Office of Child Development & Early Learning (OCDEL) and Pennsylvania Department of Education’s, The Pennsylvania Family Engagement Birth Through College, Career, Community Ready Framework;
  • BUILD Initiative’s Family Engagement Toolkit; and
  • Karen L. Mapp, Ed. D., and her extensive work in family engagement including, Powerful Partnerships: A Teacher’s Guide to Engaging Families for Student Success (2017.)

This toolkit was written by: Sarah Grubb, Trying Together Everyday Interactions Design Strategist and Serena Washington, Trying Together Family Engagement Specialist at The Homewood Early Learning Hub & Family Center.

About the Toolkit

In this toolkit, families and early childhood educators can:

  • access strategies that strengthen the relationships that nourish a child’s growth and sense of belonging;
  • find ideas and resources to enrich relationships in their learning community;
  • learn ways to increase equity and access for all involved; and
  • take the opportunity to reflect upon family engagement practices in their home or program.


A young boy stands at a play table as he moves a toy train across a wooden track.