June 24, 2022

COVID-19 Vaccine Authorized for Children Six Months through Four Years

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTec and Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 to include children six months through four years of age. The authorization was based on the FDA’s thorough and transparent evaluation of the data that included input from independent advisory committee experts who overwhelmingly voted in favor of making the vaccine available to children in this age group.

About the COVID-19 Vaccine 

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children six months through four years of age is administered as a three-dose primary series, three- to eight weeks apart, but is a lower dose (3 micrograms) than that used for individuals 12 years of age and older (10 micrograms). The Moderna vaccine is a two-dose vaccine (25 micrograms) series: the second four to eight weeks after the first.

Distribution of pediatric vaccinations for these younger children has started across the country, and will be available at thousands of pediatric practices, pharmacies, Federally Qualified Health Centers, local health departments, clinics, and other locations this week. Children in this younger age group can be vaccinated with whichever vaccine is available (either Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech). Parents can reach out to their doctor, nurse, local pharmacy, or health department, or visit to see where vaccines for children are available.  

Additional Information

Additional information on the COVID-19 vaccine can be found on the FDA website.

Image: Early learning professionals sit in a circle with young children, all raising their hands and smiling happily.