Housing Resources for Families in Allegheny County

Housing and Eviction Resources

If your family is at risk for eviction or homelessness, resources and programs are available to help.

Housing Stabilization Program

The Urban Redevelopment Authority’s Housing Stabilization Program provides one-time or short term (up to three months) financial assistance to households who are facing a temporary, non-reoccurring housing crisis. Depending on which type of support is needed, you may be able to receive funding to cover move-in fees, utilities, rent, mortgage payments, and legal fees.


To qualify, individuals must:

    • be a renter or homeowner,
    • live in the City of Pittsburgh,
    • develop a stability plan with a service provider.

Apply For This Program

If you are eligible, contact Untiled Way by dialing 211 or texting your zip code to 898.211. Interested applicants may also contact United Way via chatroom (located at the bottom right of the webpage) or the online contact form.



Housing Legal Assistance Program

The Housing Legal Assistance Program assists individuals through the following services:

    • Tangled-Title: Legal assistance of up to $5,000 if you own a home but need the deed transferred to your name.
    • Eviction Prevention: Legal assistance of up to $3,000 if you are at risk of eviction or are currently experiencing eviction and need legal assistance.


To qualify for Tangled-Title assistance, individuals must live in the City of Pittsburgh, have an income that is at or below 80 percent of the Average Monthly Income, and not have any outstanding City, School, and County real estate taxes (or must be on a payment plan for at least three months.

To qualify for Eviction Prevention assistance, individuals must live in the City of Pittsburgh, have an income that is at or below 50 percent of the Average Monthly Income, and be experiencing wrongful threats of lock-out, eviction, or sub-standard living conditions.

Apply For This Program

To apply for Tangled-Title assistance, contact United Way by texting your zip code to 898-211 or by dialing 211. To apply for Eviction Prevention, call 412.255.6574 or email hof@ura.org.

For more information, contact Victoria Jackson at 412.255.6696 or hof@ura.org.



Just Mediation Pittsburgh

Just Mediation Pittsburgh offers free, confidential mediation services to landlords and tenants who are looking to find solutions to housing disputes. Just Mediation Pittsburgh mediators facilitate a dialogue between both parties to identify positive solutions and create a shared, legally binding agreement.

Request Services

Participation in these services is voluntary. Both parties must be willing to share their perspectives, listen to the other individual’s perspective, and create constructive solutions. To request services, visit the Just Mediation Pittsburgh page. For more information, contact 412.228.0730 or info@justmediationpgh.org.



Allegheny Link

If you are experiencing a housing crisis, the Allegheny Link can help connect you to resources. The Allegheny Link will assess your eligibility for homeless supports such as rental assistance, utility assistance, and homeless services.

Range Of Services

The Allegheny Link assists Allegheny County residents:

    • who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness in finding stable housing,
    • who are pregnant, or parents and caregivers of children up to age six years of age, get referrals to home visiting programs,
    • who are over the age of 60 live safely in their community, and
    • with any disability find services that meet their needs.


If you are in need of services, contact the Allegheny Link at 1.866.730.2368. This line will be open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Callers between 7 p.m. and 8 a.m. will be directed to appropriate supports by an automated message. Individuals can also contact the Allegheny Link via email. This method is especially suggested for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.



Rental Payment Assistance

The Department of Public Assistance has an Emergency Shelter Fund that provides financial assistance to help individuals prevent eviction or foreclosure, obtain permanent housing, or obtain temporary shelter. Individuals must be receiving public assistance benefits to qualify. For more information, contact 412.565.2146.



Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh

Do you feel you have been the victim of housing discrimination? Fair Housing Partnership of Greater Pittsburgh investigates allegations of housing discrimination. If you have been a victim of housing discrimination, all of their services are free of charge.

Report Discrimination

To file an anonymous complaint, or to speak with a member of their staff, call 412.391.2535. Individuals can also report discrimination by completing this online form.



Shelter Directory

Pennsylvania’s Education for Children and Youth Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) Program has a Shelter Directory on its website that contains a filterable list of emergency shelters and housing providers. Shelters and providers included on the list accept homeless families and/or homeless youth. Some shelters and providers may admit single adults. Access the Directory.



More Information

Visit the Allegheny County website to learn more about housing subsidies, mortgage assistance, homelessness, discrimination support services, and more. If you are experiencing homelessness, visit the Homeless Services page.


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