Developmentally Appropriate Parenting Series: Part IX

Transitions & Routines

From the moment a child is born, they experience a significant change in their environment or experience, also known as a transition. During early childhood, children experience a wide range of transitions, such as starting child care or kindergarten, welcoming a new family member, losing a loved one, and more. To navigate these transitions successfully, they need some help.

To help guide families in navigating childhood transitions, Trying Together published resources on routines, rituals, kindergarten transition, family schedules, incorporating play, and more!

Featured Resources

Transitions, Routines, & Rituals: What are They and Why Do They Matter?

This printable and online resource includes information on transitions, routines, rituals, and strategies families can use to help their children work through changes in routine successfully.

Kindergarten Transition: A Guide for Families

To support families in navigating the transition to kindergarten successfully, Trying Together developed the Kindergarten Transition Guide for Families. Readers will learn why kindergarten transition matters, about common steps to prepare for, and strategies that can help.

Create Your Family Schedule

Every family is unique, so create a schedule that works for yours. It can be as loose or as firm as you need. The best type of schedule is a schedule that meets your family’s needs. To get started, check out our How to Create a Family Schedule resource and work together as a family.

Transitioning from Home to Child Care

The transition to child care can be difficult for children and caregivers alike. Learn how your family can manage it together.

How to Make Routines More Playful

Children thrive when they have opportunities to play. Read this post to learn eight ways to make your routines more playful.

Common Transitions and Routines for Children

Although life changes can be difficult, families can help their children prepare and cope. Read this post to learn how to approach common transitions.

Children’s Books That Talk About Transitions

Are you looking for children’s books that talk about common childhood transitions? Check out this booklist to find books that talk about going to school, loss, changing family dynamics, and more.

Your Child Is Going to Kindergarten: Family Guide

The transition to kindergarten is a big moment for children and caregivers alike! You may be feeling proud and excited, or sad and uncertain, about the changes that this transition will bring. With a bit of preparation, your family can be ready for the first day! Learn more.

Addressing Challenging Behaviors

Challenging behaviors can manifest when children are overwhelmed. Read this post to learn strategies to address them.

Transitions and Routines: Family Resources

Are you looking for resources on family transitions and routines? Check out this list to view children’s books, routine templates, and more!

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