January 3, 2022

Ed Gainey Sworn In As 61st Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh

The City of Pittsburgh announced January 3, 2022 that Ed Gainey has been sworn in as its 61st Mayor. Mayor Gainey pledged his commitment to prioritize community and police relations, economic inclusion, affordability, and transportation and create a “Pittsburgh for all”. Mayor Gainey took the oath of office in the City Council Chambers. The ceremony was held virtually in accordance with guidance from public health officials.

“I am honored to have the privilege of serving the people of Pittsburgh,” said Mayor Gainey. “My promise is that we will work to make Pittsburgh a city where economic opportunity is abundant for everyone, a city where affordability isn’t a luxury, and a city that is prepared to lead into the future.”

During his inaugural address, Mayor Gainey pledged to support and enhance the City’s economic development efforts to ensure the growth of strong job creation. He also announced his intention to invest in transportation projects in conjunction with the Port Authority and PennDOT that include multi modal transit options, walkability, technology, and connectivity.

“While Pittsburgh is a leader in many areas including health care, technology and our University system – under my Administration, we will work to build the foundation for the next generation of Pittsburghers by establishing policies that create and sustain investments in literacy, career and workforce development, civic infrastructure and partner with our schools to create a world-class education system that benefits everyone,” added Mayor Gainey.

Mayor Gainey also acknowledged the historical significance of his election as the first Black Mayor of the City. In his speech, Mayor Gainey paid homage to Civil Rights activists and elected officials including Harvey Adams, Alma Speed Fox, Marcella Lee, Nate Smith, Byrd Brown, Dock Fielder, Bubby Hairston, and Chuck Frazier.

“My victory represents another step forward in advancing the vision of a country where all people have access to opportunities to succeed,” said Mayor Gainey. “Our City is at its best when every resident has a seat at a table. We are at our best when we are defined by the strength, compassion and boldness of our collective spirit.”

Additional Information

The full official remarks from Mayor Gainey is available online.