November 1, 2022

Fingerprint Results Available via Email for DHS Applicants

Effective October 31, 2022, Department of Human Services (DHS) applicants who register under Identogo for fingerprints will now have the opportunity to receive their results electronically via email. This opportunity only applies to results with no record.


During the registration process applicants should provide an email address and will be asked to create a security question and a security answer that must be retained. Three unsuccessful logins will prevent the applicant from retrieving their results electronically, as their security information cannot be reset.

Shortly after their fingerprints have been taken and a result can be provided, they will receive an email. They will be advised to click on the link within the email and enter the security question and answer. When the applicant does access the results, it is important that they be able to download it, save it, and print it for future needs. There will be no second access to this electronic result.

Additionally, if they lock themselves out of the security question and answer, the result will be transmitted by U.S. Mail.

Applicants who registered for fingerprints on August 30, 2022, or after and used the purpose type of employee 14 years of age or older and having contact with children will receive their result via email notification. An email notification will only be received after September 21, 2022, if they provided an email address and created a security question and answer.

If any result has a record associated with it, results will not be electronically available and can only be transmitted by U.S. Mail. Current mailing timelines take at least seven to 10 business days to reach the intended destination.

All results will still be transmitted by US Mail to all applicants.