May 27, 2021

Apply for the Grow Mama Mentoring Program

Are you interested in gaining clarity, wisdom, and guidance from another mama? Apply for Brown Mamas’ 12-week Grow Mama Mentoring program!


Grow Mama Mentoring Program

Guided by the Brown Mama Mindset Curriculum, Brown Mamas is launching a 12-week mentoring cohort of 10 mothers and five mentors in Pittsburgh. The cohort will focus on:

    • emotional and mental wellness,
    • resource acquisition and developing support systems,
    • strengthening parental bonds,
    • strengthening male-female alliances,
    • homelife management and balance, and
    • developing cultural awareness and habits that support wellness.


What Will Mentees Recieve?

Mothers who participate will receive:

    • a mentor for 12-weeks,
    • a $300 stipend,
    • a copy of the Brown Mama Mindset book, workbook, journal, and Mind Check Deck,
    • a chance to work toward self-mastery, and
    • a chance to generate future income by creating an online course through the GrowMamaGrow Online Learning Hub.


Mothers who are eligible are:

    • working mothers,
    • mothers who are able to make a weekly commitment to doing the course work,
    • mothers who live in the City of Pittsburgh,
    • mothers who make less than $35,000 per year, and
    • mothers who are working toward a goal they would like help accomplishing.

Apply for the Program

To apply, visit the Brown Mamas website. For questions, contact


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Image: An African-American mother sits on the floor with her son, playing with and stacking blocks.