December 15, 2017

It’s Time For Pittsburgh To Make An Investment In Early Education

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Pittsburgh Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak hopes to boost the quality of preschool in Pittsburgh with a $2 million allocation next year that would go to providers in the city.

Rudiak of Carrick said less than 20 percent of Pittsburgh’s 205 preschool facilities have received “high quality” rankings through the state’s Keystone STARS system. The money would be granted to public and private facilities to help them boost their performance.

Rudiak said city foundations, which she declined to name, have given her “confident assurance” they would be willing to provide matching funds. She said the city also plans to seek a state grant.

“This is an investment by City Council where we could leverage this money for millions of more dollars,” Rudiak said. “This fund and the leveraging of these funds will significantly improve the quality of childcare facilities in the city of Pittsburgh, which then actually improves educational outcomes for children, and those are lifelong gains.”

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