August 5, 2021

Demo of the New Keystone STARS Designation Process

The new Keystone STARS designation process will launch in the PA PD Registry on October 1, 2021. Watch a recorded demonstration to see how it works!

Keystone STARS Designation Demo

In October 2021, the new process for Keystone STARS pre-designation and designation applications will launch in the Pennsylvania Professional Development (PD) Registry. This system will streamline multiple processes into one system and include more functionality.

To see how it will work, watch this demonstration from the Pennsylvania Key.

How to Prepare

Early Childhood Education Professionals

To prepare, early childhood education (ECE) professionals should:

    • add in their current employer information, and
    • apply for placement on Pennsylvania’s ECE Career Pathway.

Directors, Administrators, and Owners

Directors, administrations, and owners can prepare by:

    • updating or completing their individual or personal PD Registry profiles and applying for placement on Pennsylvania’s ECE Career Pathway,
    • claiming the organization profile for their programs,
    • uploading their program’s important documents (staff and family handbooks, lesson planning materials, etc.) to the new Document Vault library so they are readily available during the Keystone STARS designation process,
    • setting up classrooms for their organizations,
    • verifying their current staff list and end date of any former employees still linked to their organizations, and
    • assisting their staff members in completing or updating their PD Registry profile and applying for placement on Pennsylvania’s ECE Career Pathway.

Support Documents and Videos

The Pennsylvania Key offers tip sheets and video tutorials on how to complete these steps and more!

Live Keystone STARS Demo

Child care directors, administrators, and owners are invited to live demonstrations of the new designation process on July 28, 2021. Use the links below to register. These demons will be recorded.

More Information

For more information, read the full announcement or watch a demonstration of the new system. If you have questions, email or call 1.800.284.6031. To read more news, visit Trying Together’s News page.

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