April 27, 2021

New Recess Advocacy Toolkit

Amid concern for the welfare of children during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Recess Advocacy Team, co-led by Trying Together and the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative, have created a toolkit highlighting research, strategies, and advocacy opportunities for play and physical activity at home and at school. Families and educators may use the toolkit to discover new ways to play this summer and to advocate for playful learning next school year.

About the Toolkit

The Recess Advocacy Toolkit is designed to be a resource for educators and families on the importance of recess and play for the healthy social-emotional growth of children and includes:

  • information on different types of play;
  • research to inform educators and administrators on the benefits  of recess;
  • testimonials and tips from Physical Education teachers; and
  • template emails and social media posts for digital advocacy.

Learn More

Families and educators may access The Recess Advocacy Toolkit on the Trying Together website. The creation of this toolkit was made possible by The Grable Foundation and Remake Learning Tomorrow Grants. For questions or suggestions, please contact