August 24, 2021

Office of Community Health and Safety Launches New Website

The City of Pittsburgh’s newest office, the Office of Community Health and Safety (OCH&S), has launched a website with information and interactive tools focused on people-centered programs, equity, justice, and harm reduction that address individuals’ health and safety needs.

Office of Community Health and Safety

OCH&S is developing programs guided by evidence-based practices and community input. This includes hiring social workers, outreach workers, and other professionals who can assist individuals and first responders in situations that require longer-term support such as those involving mental and behavioral health conditions, homelessness, and substance use.

What does the website include?

The new OCH&S website includes:

    • social service navigation information and additional resources,
    • nationally-recognized Opioid Overdose Dashboard used to identify and address trends in overdose prevention and harm reduction strategies,
    • job postings for open OCH&S positions,
    • information about the Neighborhood Health and Safety Academy, and
    • Public Service Announcements (PSAs), such as this latest one about the heightened risk of fentanyl exposure and overdose risk for people who use drugs.

Visit the Website

To learn more, visit the Office of Community Health and Safety website! If you have questions, email To read more news, visit Trying Together’s News page.

Image: Two young children sitting at a desk.