April 5, 2021

City of Pittsburgh Launches OurFuturePGH Website

The City of Pittsburgh and the Office of Equity launched OurFuturePGH, a website that connects youth, families, and organizations to educational and recreational opportunities provided by the City.



OurFuturePGH was designed as a part of Mayor Bill Peduto’s vision to centralize and promote free and low-cost public programs for youth of all ages. The website lists age- and developmentally appropriate programs that are being offered by the Office of Equity, Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Mobility & Infrastructure, Bureau of Police, and more.

OurFuturePGH also includes family resources from community partners that address needs such as technology, school options, parenting resources, and more, particularly during the pandemic.

Program Focus

Programs featured on the website are designed to recognize, utilize and enhance young people’s strengths and focus on the six Cs of positive outcomes: Confidence, Connecting, Competition, Character, Contribute, and Caring. Program examples include:

More Information

To learn more and view available opportunities, visit the OurFuturePGH website.

Image: A young child engages with an early learning professional, playing with and stacking colorful blocks on a table outside.