May 30, 2018

Our Kids. Our Commitment.

The Our kids. Our commitment. Allegheny County Children’s Fund Initiative, a citizen-led effort to transform the way Allegheny County funds programs that are proven to ensure the wellbeing of children across the county was launched May 29, 2018.

By using the voter referendum process, this group will work to collect more than 40,000 signatures to qualify a question for the Nov. 6, 2018, General Election ballot that would allow Allegheny County voters the opportunity to show their commitment to the region’s kids by voting the Allegheny County Children’s Fund into law.

Our kids. Our commitment. seeks to change the way the county funds efforts that are proven to ensure the health and wellbeing of kids across the county. Three specific areas proven to yield strong benefits for children and the community at large include: early childhood education, after school programs and good nutrition.

Kids who attend pre-k are more likely to succeed in school and life, while saving families, schools and tax payers money. After school programs increase school attendance, reduce drug use, and help fuel children’s passions while keeping kids and neighborhoods safe. Hunger affects learning, growth, and development. One out of every six children in Allegheny County faces hunger.

The Allegheny County Home Rule Charter and state law permit the residents of Allegheny County to amend the Charter by using the voter referendum process to qualify a question for an election ballot.

To qualify a question for the Nov. 6, 2018, General Election ballot, the Our kids. Our commitment. team will circulate petitions bearing the question (See addendum 2) and work to collect more than 40,000 signatures from Allegheny County voters, between June 19 and Aug. 7. Once the required number of signatures are obtained and submitted to the Allegheny County Elections Department, the question will be added to the General Election ballot on Nov. 6. If a simple majority of voters vote ‘yes,’ then the measure would pass.

If passed, the Allegheny County Children’s Fund will be established through a 0.25 millage rate increase to property taxes – an additional $25 annually on each $100,000 of assessed value. The average market value for a home in Allegheny County is approximately $137,000. For the average homeowner in Allegheny County, the increase would be less than $30 per year, including the Homestead Exemption. A 0.25 millage rate increase would generate approximately $18 million annually in revenue for the fund.

Those interested in a paid position to assist with the petitioning should e-mail their name and the best phone number to reach them at to

Learn more about the initiative and how you can support it today.

Little children playing with blocks