August 24, 2021

Out-of-School-Time Care Available for PPS Families

Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Out-of-School-Time Office has coordinated with partners to provide out-of-school-time care to a limited number of students from August 25 – September 7 until school begins on September 3, 2021.

Out-of-School-Time Care

To view the list of organizations who are providing care, details about who/where they serve, and contact information for enrolling your child, visit the Pittsburgh Public Schools website. To view other child care providers, use the Allegheny County Child Care Finder Tool.

More Information

For more information, contact the Pittsburgh Learning Collaborative Family Hotline at 412.256.8535 (for English and other languages) or 412.335.7446 (for Spanish). For more news, visit our News page.

Image: Three young children play together on a green slide at their local playground.