October 3, 2022

PA Provider Advisory Board Members

The members of the inaugural Start Strong PA and Pre-K for PA Provider Advisory Board have been working to identify the needs of the early childhood workforce and using the experiences shared from those in the field to inform the advocacy efforts of the campaigns.

About the Provider Advisory Board

In Spring 2022, the Start Strong PA and Pre-K for PA campaigns launched the Provider Advisory Board. After receiving more than 200 applications from individuals working in every Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) region, a diverse group of 40 early childhood professionals from across the state were selected.

One of the goals of the Provider Advisory Board is to use the leadership and guidance of members to encourage early learning policy and advocacy discussion opportunities for providers by leveraging  existing regional early childhood policy and advocacy group forums. Combining  their own experiences with feedback from others in the field, the Provider Advisory Board aims to strengthen the influence of the early childhood provider voice, providing feedback on early childhood policy for the campaigns and assist in growing the network of providers willing to mobilize and advocate on behalf of the early childhood field.

Board Members

Start Strong and Pre-K for Pa Provider Advisory Board Leaders are:

  • Robin Evans, ELRC Region 13
  • Colleen Gawlas, ELRC Region 19
  • Tana Rinehart, ELRC Region 19
  • Brieanne Rice, ELRC Region 4
  • Allison Woods, ELRC Region 8
  • Shelley Eppihimer, ELRC Region 13
  • Annie Chappel, ELRC Region 11
  • Walki Preston, ELRC Region 5

Start Strong and Pre-K for Pa Provider Advisory Board Members are:

  • ELRC Region 1: Maria Pena, Santosh Kang, and Tom Lytle
  • ELRC Region 2: Linda Smith and Erin Cameron
  • ELRC Region 3: Jessie Bucci and Diane Osterling
  • ELRC Region 4: Abigail Enz-Doerschner
  • ELRC Region 5: Adrienne Britt and Terri Banks
  • ELRC Region 6: Erin Fouse and Virginia Christy
  • ELRC Region 7: Darlene Burleigh and Kelly Floreno
  • ELRC Region 8: Kelly Johnson
  • ELRC Region 9: Michelle Aldinger and Stacy Lewis
  • ELRC Region 10: Ruby Martin and Sean McKelvy
  • ELRC Region 11: Zubeen Saeed
  • ELRC Region 12: Grace Ann Hogan and Mary Rebe
  • ELRC Region 14: Monae Rivera and Nancy Fredrick
  • ELRC Region 15: Mary O’Prey and Angela Germany Barnes
  • ELRC Region 16: Valerie Hamilton and Nicole Fetherman
  • ELRC Region 17: Uraina Watkins and Stephen Cotilus
  • ELRC Region 18: Poonam Singhal and Sharen Woodley