May 4, 2023

Pennsylvania Key Launches Healthy Minds @Work Program for ECE Professionals

The Pennsylvania Key recently launched its Healthy Minds @Work Program and is encouraging early childhood educators to participate in a four-week, kick-off challenge.

Interested individuals can sign up for the program and enroll in the challenge until Friday, May 12.

About the Healthy Minds @Work Program and Kick-Off Challenge

Healthy Minds @Work is a virtual, self-paced, workplace well-being program and research study developed by Healthy Minds Innovation (HMI). Available at no cost to all early learning professionals through the Pennsylvania Key, it helps participants train their minds in skills associated with mental well-being and resilience. Additionally, the program aids HMI in better understanding experience with well-being through simple participant surveys.

The core of the program is an initial, four-week challenge consisting of several, short activities, personalized by user readiness. Activities center around HMI’s four pillars of well-being:

  • mindful moments
  • the power of appreciation
  • noticing troublesome expectations and beliefs
  • connecting to values

All activities are conducted via the Healthy Minds Coach, an online platform accessible on a smart phone or computer.

Upon completion of the four-week challenge, participants will have access to the Healthy Minds application, where they can continue their wellness journey with additional, 2-10 minute sessions which reduce stress and anxiety, decrease burnout, and increase connectivity.

Sign Up and Enroll in Healthy Minds @Work and Kick-Off Challenge

Sign up for Healthy Minds @Work on the HMI website or by visiting

Once users set up an account and complete the research survey, they will automatically be enrolled in the challenge and receive access to the Healthy Minds Coach.

However, interested individuals must sign up before Friday, May 12 to engage in the experience with other early childhood professionals.

Learn More

To learn more about Healthy Minds Innovation, Healthy Minds @Work, or the Kick-Off Challenge, view the Healthy Minds @Work PA Key Kick-Off Call.