June 1, 2021

City of Pittsburgh Opening Pools, Needs Lifeguards

In June, the City of Pittsburgh will open eight of its public pools and is currently seeking enough lifeguards to staff them. Depending on the number of lifeguards signed up, additional pools may open throughout the summer.



The following pools will open on Monday, June 14 if they can hire enough lifeguards:

Lifeguard Requirements

The Department of Parks and Recreation needs approximately 80 lifeguards to staff the eight pools. Lifeguards must be:

    • City of Pittsburgh residents,
    • at least 16 years old by June 30, 2021, and
    • willing to work in any part of the city.

Apply: The City provides applicants free lifeguard certifications. View the full application information.

Summertime Jobs

For other summertime positions, visit the City Careers page.