September 18, 2018

Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative Revives Fun on the Northside

The Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative brought plenty of fun to the Northside this summer with “Playful Tuesdays at Gus and Yia Yia’s.” Despite the West Ohio Street bridge closure, they found a way to educate people of all ages on the importance of play at Allegheny Commons West Park.

Thanks to the support of the Northside Leadership Conference and the City, Playful Tuesdays became a way to revive the park and bring the community together. Each week included a variety music, history talks, and games such as giant Connect Four and large LEGO blocks.

Director of the Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative, Sarah Siplak, confirmed Playful Tuesdays will be back next summer. “Let’s bring people together. Let’s get people to play games together.”

Read the full article on the Northside Chronicle. 


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